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BYU CLIPS Development

The BYU CLIPS—Computerized Language Instruction & Practice Software was developed by the Brigham Young University College of Humanities in connection with professors and students from a variety of linguistics, foreign language, and computer science-related disciplines and departments. Each individual course was authored by a faculty member or members of the relevant discipline.

Originally designed as the TICCIT language learning system in the 1970s, the CLIPS courseware's dynamic, computer-based approach to language and grammar learning was indeed ahead of its time. Various CLIPS courses have been used at BYU and related organizations since it was first developed as the TICCIT system. In particular, in the re-designed CLIPS online format which we offer, the English Writing, ESL, Spanish and Portuguese courses have been used regularly in classes at BYU and related organizations since 2005.


CLIPS combines comprehensive grammar lessons with interactive tests, exercises and helps designed to dynamically assess students' language and grammar mastery to help them learn in the most efficient way. Each course features a Course Map that shows students their progress and highlights problem areas based on diagnostic test results and lesson test scores. Lesson practice questions and tests dynamically assess students' mastery of particular concepts or skills with each question, so they spend no more time than necessary on any one subject.

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