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Stomp Systems LLC (/dba/ Stomp Learning Systems) is a Utah-based software and learning systems company formed for the purpose of licensing, developing and distributing language and other learning products, including Brigham Young University's Computerized Language Instruction and Practice Software—CLIPS, to individuals, schools and businesses. Our current course offerings include a course for learners of English as a second language, an English grammar and usage course for native or advanced English learners, and a Spanish grammar course for learners of Spanish as a second language. We are currently developing additional language courses, including a Portuguese course, and constantly investigating other opportunities to add future language courses or other learning solutions to our portfolio.


We are continually exploring strategic cooperative or partnership opportunities with individuals, companies, and educational institutions to expand our portfolio of learning solutions, further develop our offerings and course framework, cross-sell or cross-market our products, enter into joint-development arrangements or sublicense, distribution, sales or marketing arrangements. Please contact us to explore ways in which you, your company or your institution might work together with us.

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Please contact us at the respective e-mail address below that corresponds to your inquiry. We are always happy to provide additional information about the CLIPS courses or discuss creative ways to implement the CLIPS courses into school or business learning models. We are also happy to discuss any particular needs for unique learning systems, ways in which what we currently offer may be further developed to better address your needs, or possible development of new learning products or solutions.


We are currently accepting applications from entry-level programmers, editors and sales people.