School Licensing

CLIPS school licenses include a dedicated, school-specific interface, one or multiple courses, class-specific student registrations, teacher controls, and individual and class reporting, among other features and options. Schools may license the CLIPS courses through one of two payment options designed to meet the unique needs of each school (see below). Under each approach, student licenses purchased in connection with a school license may be significantly discounted from the prices offered to individuals, with discounts per student increasing based on the number of students and classes registered.

School-Funded Registration

Schools may opt to make a single annual payment directly from the school to cover the school license and all class and student subscriptions. On a per-subscription basis, this is the most affordable option.

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Student-Funded Registration

Alternatively, schools may require that students purchase their own subscriptions directly by credit card as part of their own registration. In this case, there is no license fee or cost for the school so long as at least 30 students are registered.

Student Subscriptions (per student)
$53-month Subscription:
$10Annual Subscription:


Developed by the Brigham Young University College of Humanities, the CLIPS—Computerized Language Instruction & Practice Software combines comprehensive grammar lessons with interactive tests, exercises and helps designed to dynamically assess students' language and grammar mastery to help them learn in the most efficient way. Each course features a Course Map that shows students their progress and highlights problem areas based on diagnostic test results and lesson test scores. Lesson practice questions and tests dynamically assess students' mastery of particular concepts or skills with each question, so they spend no more time than necessary on any one subject.

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Features for Schools & Districts

CLIPS school licenses give schools a number of options that let them streamline and customize their students' and teachers' experience with CLIPS. Schools may customize the CLIPS courseware with school logos and colors and a unique web address (URL). Student registrations may be pooled into one group or separated into individual classes that correspond to the classes and/or teachers in the school, giving those teachers access to test scores and student progress reports.

With the option of administrative control and a trained representative, schools can add, remove and manage their own CLIPS classes, assign or change teachers, generate reports and edit their own students' scores from semester to semester or year to year. Subject to additional licensing fees and agreements, diagnostic tests and course content may also be uniquely customized according to a school's specifications.

Enhance Classroom Learning

The CLIPS diagnostic tests, grammar lessons and practice questions give teachers a flexible resource to maximize the benefits of real-time class instruction. Teachers may require students to complete a CLIPS course as a stand-alone component of their classes, assign only specific lessons, practice questions, or tests tailored to accompany their course plan, or simply use the diagnostic tests to help gauge their students' proficiency at the beginning and end of a class.

Regardless of the way teachers integrate CLIPS into their courses, the result is the same: more efficient instruction and dynamic learning. Teachers will know what subjects or skills require most classroom attention, and students will benefit from lessons, practice questions and tests that target their weaknesses and dynamically adjust during the learning process to help them master each concept or skill.

Teacher Portal & Reporting

Through the teacher portal, teachers may review students' diagnostic test results, lesson test scores, and course progress. and edit certain scores if necessary. Additionally, CLIPS generates class reports and statistics that let teachers review student scores side-by-side and evaluate class trends.