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CLIPS for Students

Developed by Brigham Young University, the CLIPS—Computerized Language Instruction & Practice Software combines comprehensive grammar lessons with interactive tests, exercises and helps designed to dynamically assess your language and grammar mastery to help you learn in the most efficient way.

Don't waste time studying material you have already mastered. Each course features a Course Map that shows you your progress and highlights problem areas based on your diagnostic test results and lesson test scores. Lesson practice questions and tests dynamically assess your mastery of a particular concept or skill with each question, so you spend no more time than necessary on any one subject.

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Diagnostic Tests

Assess your grammar and language skills and deficiencies with our easy-to-use diagnostic exams.

Diagnostic Tests

CLIPS diagnostic tests are structured to identify particular areas of strength and weakness in your grammar or language ability and are specifically calibrated to correspond to the CLIPS course materials. With a course subscription, your results from the diagnostic test may be automatically uploaded into the related CLIPS course progress map to target specific units and lessons for efficient study.


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