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Dynamic On-line Learning from BYU

Stomp Learning Systems provides interactive, on-line grammar and language learning resources based on Brigham Young University's innovative CLIPS—Computerized Language Instruction & Practice Software that allow students, teachers, and organizations to maximize the efficiency of the learning process. Unlike traditional classroom- or textbook-based grammar and language instruction and practice, the BYU CLIPS courses automatically adjust to each student's proficiency level to provide just the right amount of instruction and practice on each skill or concept to ensure mastery.

Diagnostic exams and lesson tests automatically give students a pass on lessons they already have mastered and highlight others that need work. Tailored lesson explanations along with thousands of examples and additional helps provide as much or as little concept instruction a student may need. Lesson practice questions provide immediate, individualized feedback, and are drawn at random from a robust database until a student masters the concept or skill.

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Each CLIPS course contains one or more diagnostic tests that are structured to identify particular areas of strength and weakness in your grammar or language ability and are specifically calibrated to correspond to the CLIPS course materials. The free two-day trial period allows you to take the diagnostic tests for free, get detailed results and explore the courseware. With a course subscription, your results from the diagnostic test may be automatically uploaded into the related CLIPS course progress map to target specific units and lessons for efficient study.

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